What I have always wondered?

Am I cute?----- link

How can you tell when a guy likes you?

Do guys like it when you dress like a slut?

Does he care if your 'breast challenged"

What do guys look for?

thank you...and good night ;)

thanx angel (I am from the US) girls tend to lean toward the funny,cute,romantic,best friend type. someone who will be there no matter what.


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  • First of all , yes you are cute . (at least in my opinion .

    As it applies for both sexes , the only way to know the feelings of another is either to have mental powers or just ask him or her .

    As for the looks of a girl , I dare say that it is not how you dress but what you show . I've seen girls that have been in long really thick and layer upon layer dresses and seemed so sluty that I almost felt isulted(not only that but that's another story) . You're sluty only when you want to be sluty .

    Last but not least , if you can answer me whet it is that girls look for , I'll be more than happy to try to give you an answer to your last question . What someone asks for is not based on his sex(apart from a few basic needs) but on how he or she was brought up .

    I hope I have answered to your question and hope you have a nice night too(that means that you live somewhere in the US right?)(cause here it is 2.30)


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