Girls, With so many different styles in womens underwear how do women know which ones they like?

Honest question here, there are dozens of different styles of women's underwear how do women figure out what works best for them? Meaning bikinis thongs briefs you name it... Do women try and like all kinds and then just decide what they like or do you just keep it simple? And I won't even go down the road and picking out a good bra right?


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  • Yeah it's really just trial and error. Try new ones and see what it's like :)


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  • I just try and see what I like. I wear lacy ones when I go out because it makes me feel super sexy and feminine and I like knowing I have them on. At home I wear my super soft granny panties or hipsters lol. I only wear things if I have to, like in yoga pants.

    • Ah so it's an attitude thing too! I do the same if I stay in its comfy cotton boxers... Going out its the sex silk boxers under my suit! ;)

  • Try it out and know...
    There are changing rooms - so...

    • Changing rooms? Okay that's a little bit ahhh ewwww! Guys don't even go down that road chalk one up for us...

    • What?
      You try them on over your own... obviously. o. O

    • LOL I should hope so... :) just seems silly I just buy my large boxers ;)

  • You pretty much just try on the ones that look like something you would like and stick with whatever works best for you.

    • See its funny boys is kids always end up with brief which are like the worst thing for a boy. Then you figure out as a man most guys go with boxers because it's actually more comfortable to just kind of hang out there you know what I mean?

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    • Man, I wish I could lol.

    • We are always wishing for boobs.. guys and girls should be able to trade place for a little while if simply to understand eachother!

  • To be honest, I don't try on underwear in shops.
    I just buy whatever looks comfortable.

    • I think I can understand what you're saying I mean it seems just a little bit odd someone would try on underwear before you doesn't it?