Advice on cutting my own hair (scared) :3?

Hi, so i have decided to plan on cutting my own hair to save precious money i need for college etc. So i normally rock the scene/emo mid length haircut and im really scared im going to do something wrong. Does anyone have any general guide lines, any video tutorials or articles i should use as guidance, and what tools should i use, e. g is there a certain type of scissors in need to use etc? by the way i still want to rock the emo look, but i want to keep it in control and make sure it does not get to long or crazy

-btw im a male.

thanks for the answers, feel free anyone to put ur answer down below, if u feel u can help. Im gonna do it, i will give an update when its done telling if i fucked up or not ^.^


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  • Honestly I don't think 15 dollars every three months is going to make a big difference. Get the haircut you want and keep your self confidence.


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  • For your first time, don't take too much off, just to lessen the risk of doing it wrong
    wait till you're comfortable with it, to do more complex things.

    I'm cutting my own hair, and have been doing so since middleschool
    some girls initially taught me how, using a razor.

    I can't really teach you how to, but start slow. ^.^


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  • I would recommend just googling "emo guy haircut tutorial" on YouTube. Something will come up that's good, or you could even watch a girls tutorial (it's the same sort of idea).

    I tried cutting my emo hair & adding fringe, it went awful. But you might be good at cutting hair tho

    Good luck

  • I wouldn't advise cutting your own hair haha. Maybe try and get a hairdresser who will do it for cheaper because their still training? Or even a friend who has some idea what they're doing. Cutting your own hair isn't a good idea


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  • Wtf.. a simple haircut is like 10 bucks.. You dont have to pay expensive hairstylists 50-100 bucks only to look like a kpop star.

  • Yeah - How often do you get your hair cut? - Do you really save that much money? - If it is only once/twice a month - I am trying to put you off because a disastrous haircut stays with you for weeks or you have to cut it too short or go professional to cover it up - The only time a do it yourself haircut is safe is if you shave your head with same number blade all over even then the edges at back are tricky.