Do I have to look good all the time?

Okay so I'm not the kind of girl who dresses up everyday. My favorite outfit is shorts and a t. But I have been told that I look sexy when I dress up. My boyfriend has seen me dress up once. We usually just hang at my house so I see no point to dressing up. The problem is that when I looked nice he was all over me.. Should I dress up every time I see him?


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What Guys Said 1

  • No the reason he was all over you is because it was different then the usual you. It gives you an exotic look to look like a completely different person and that's what drives guys wild. If you dressed like that everyday it would simply become the norm and he would lose interest in it.

    • So do I dress up sometimes?

    • Sure whenever you want to turn him on or do something special. But try to limit it to how often you dress up or you will need a new dress up to interest him again.

What Girls Said 1

  • Thats how it is for me too, and my boyfriend acts the same way. But don't feel obligated to dress up all the time for him. just dress up on some occasions like you normally do. that makes is fun for him like an "adventure" because its something a little "new"