Is hardcore unattractive to most guys?

Are heavily tattooed/pierced chicks unattractive to most guys? What about smoking is that still taboo?I know so many girls who cream themselves over hardcore tatted up dudes with a ring in their lip and a Marb 100 in their mouth. Is that just too much for non-tattooed/pierced/smokers to handle? Or is it just unfeminine and gross for some dudes?


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  • smoking is not taboo today...everyone smokes and its disgusting...i think its a very unattractive and smelly habit. girls who are heavily tattooed and pierced really depends because they can be extremely good looking but the thing is you have to look past all the piercings and tattoos to see them... and most times you don't get that chance because you don't see a girl who is a "hardcore" or "scene" girl with another guy who doesn't dress similar to them because they think a guy with a lip piercing or guages is attractive...based on what? the fact that he has metal pierced through his skin and ink in his skin. I have no tattoos, I used to have guages and I don't smoke and I don't dress with super tight jeans and or child sized t shirts but its not like I can't handle a girl who does its just they wouldn't go for a guy who doesn't dress like them. I tried talking to a few girls in high school who were whatever style you call it now and it always ended up that they didn't find me attractive and than down the road I see them with a guy who has their same style. I just find it unattractive that it seems they have a certain standard style of clothing or look a guy has to want to be with him.

    • I have two sleeves, a nose ring, and a lip ring. I usually go for band T's and skinny jeans, but I wouldn't care if they were from Hot Topic or Hollister. I have no problem dating someone who isn't into my music or doesn't dress like me, girls who do are usually posers who are trying too hard to fit into whatever alternative style is in vogue.

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  • I've never really understood why people try to associate fashion, body modification and drug addiction with hardcore punk or any of it's offshoots. Because punk is all about conforming to cool guy stereotypes, am I right?

    Punk and fashion are unrelated.

    • When I say hardcore, I don't mean hardcore Punk, I mean harsher looking than your average Joe button down lawyer type. However I do think Punk music is very related to fashion. In the 70's when punk started the whole point was anti-establishment and anti-government and anti-suburban lifestyle. It was going against everything the Betty Crocker cookie cutter mindless drones were telling you. That included tattoos and piercing, and violent looking clothing.

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    • Dressing like a punk, is contradictive to punk philosophy. I'll repeat it until you understand it.

    • I didn't say it had anything to do with philosophy, I said the clothes are connected to the culture. By the way, your dad being in construction for 35 years and you spending some time with him at work isn't the same thing as spending your whole life listening to punk music. Soaking in culture and learning a skill are two completely different things.

  • I love them, but ironically, some hardcores get freaked out when a button-down, 9-to-5'er steps to them. Go figure.

  • "Is that just too much for non-tattooed/pierced/smokers to handle? Or is it just unfeminine and gross for some dudes?"

    All of the above I suppose.

    • I don't have any tattoos or piercings and I don't smoke, and I still find girls who do all three attractive.

    • And why is that?

  • too much of a hardcore look is a turn-off for me

    i don't mind a few tattoos and piercings but too much makes you look like a freak!

  • i wouldn't say its 'too much to handle' its more like that style isn't my cup of tea I guess but smoking is a no-no for me regardless of how they look


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  • im one if them head bangin smoker chicks wearing a lot of black.. and that's never stopt the preppy douches and jocks from wantin me!

    iv had guys tell me smokin is unattractive but I tell them I don't fn care haha and they still come after me..

    but iv also had guys turn there nose up to me because I'm not miss cheer whore lolz

    • I find it funny you say miss cheer whore. because a girl is a cheerleader or a whore? either way a little jealousy is involved, girls that wear all black are the goths and freakshows and have sluts scattered through their group.

    • Do you date preppy dudes?

    • By the way congrats on your soon to be motherhood, I have a two year old daughter, your going to love it.