Is there a way to bleach hair without damaging it too much?

I wanna go from a light caramel brown to a platinum blond - what's the least damaging (but still quick) way?


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  • Just ask the hairdresser to go the lightest you can go without bleach. And then go a little lighter next time. Most hairdressers will be reluctant to bleach hair anyway

    • Yes I've noticed that during previous visits hana! It super sucks though I wish there was a way to bleach hair without doing any damage but even the natural ways which aren't even affective, are totally drying :P

    • ahah yeah. when i first wanted my hair dyed so many hairdressers were like we'll just do highlights. i was like no! i want full head! one hairdresser flat out refused even though my hair had been bleached before, because of his "reputation" i was like what? he was like oh if it goes wrong itll ruin my reputation. i walked out of there pretty quickly aha


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  • If you want to get platinum blond hair my suggestion is that you go to a recommended hairdresser's to have it done, because taking the hair to that color implies a lot of bleaching and you can seriously damage your hair if you do it by yourself or if you go to a hairdresser's where they don't do it right.

  • I heard lemon and honey can help you change colors.