Do hair growth products work?

I've been using Doo Growth product since the end of last month, I get alot of new growth and my hair doesn't break any more. I wanted to know if it help will help my hair grow any longer length wise?

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  • I did a science project on this once actually. I am going to say yes and no. Hair is natural and grows at different rates for different people depending on your diet and genes. Lots of peanut butter makes hair and nails grow really fast. I eat peanut butter by the jar and I can't keep my nails cut. ON average, hair grows about 6 inches per year, or 1/2 inch per month. This is aveage. It wil probably grow faster with a diet high in food like peanut butter, and if you have good hair genes. Shampoo that claims to make your hair grow faster is true because it prevents breakage. If your hair isn;t breaking then yes it is going to grow long. But they can't really make your hair grow FASTER because they can't alter your genes. Although they can infuse your hair with the vitamins it needs (like that in peanut butter). So as for helpgin your hair, YES because it prevents breakage and promotes healthier hair all around. But as for growing faster (which I now just realize isn't what you asked) I'm going t say in most cases not that much. Hope I helped.

    • What if my mom has good long hair and my dad has bad or should I say "nappy" hair. I take my dad side of the hair so is it possible that I can get hair like my mom

    • If you already show signs of taking after your dad's side of the hair, then that it what you will have. But there is a chance that as you get older, your hair will become more like your mom;s, but it will never be exactly like hers because your genes and traits are already decided for you, they can't change.


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  • I'm not a biologist or chemist, but if your hair grows at a steady rate and you do something that reduces breaking, then it seems like it has to get longer.


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  • I use that stuff too. Hmmm I think for about 4 months. I haven't seen a difference. It the breakage has stopped then yes your hair will get longer.

    • How is your hair coming along

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    • Thanx which doo grow products did you use

    • I stopped and started using Dr. Miracles and hopefully it will work. My split ends are horrible

  • I can recommend 2 out of the ordinary products that would grow your hair faster.

    1. Miconazole Nitrate: It's an ingredient found in Monistat (yes, I know, the yeast infection cream) and Neosporin AF. With proper googling, you'll find that both have been proven to grow your hair up to an inch per month. I tend to buy Monistat online since I don't feel comfortable buying it in the store.

    2. Mega Tek Cell Rebuilder: Though very expensive ($21-$30), it is a horse shampoo that works on horses AND Humans.

    Try the to read up on some positive reviews.

  • Doo Growth is amazing. A friend of mine turned me on to it and my hair is long and thicker now.

  • Yes, I believe that there are some products that really promote hair growth.

    I've been using Reloxe-Natural hair regrowth Supplement and it really regrow my hair!