Why is every girl I meet is either good looking, or intellectually compatible, but not both?

If I meet a girl that is good looking, then she totally turns me off personality wise and intellectually. If I find a girl that I really connect with in terms of personality, she's always physically unattractive to me. Why can't I find a girl that has personality and is at least average looking or a hot girl that is at least somewhat compatible personality-wise?


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  • Well man,

    2 things.

    1) I'm not gunna beat around the bush or sugar coat this: Sadly, you can't always have everything you want.

    2) And appearances change, even you man, like once you and your significant other become around 80, you're the one that's going to look like an old fart, but if you two are together it doesn't matter...

    But seriously, there are many girls that are average looking and have an amazing personality, but blessings like that, hit you at the most best, or in my case, worst of times.


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  • i beg to differ. there are girls who are good looking and have a good personality. you just might have not found her yet. and always remember that no one's perfect so even a girl with both these traits can make mistakes too.


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  • there actually is a coralation, a pretty girl often realizes it from childhood, possibly creating a ditsy or other personality incompatible with you, girls that are nice and very smart often don't spend as much time on appearances while dismissing those who do as shallow. there are of course expetions to the rule, someday you'll find some one, theirs to many marriages inthe world for it to be any other way.