Do you think it will be appropriate for a boy to wear girl clothes to school?

Hello, I'm a boy starting high school, I have recently been taken interest in 'girl's' clothe, they are so much more comfortable then boy clothe, and way cuter. I bought some girls clothe from the store and wanting to wear them to school. Before I usually wears girl leggings to school, and a lot of people cared, but I don't know what they will think of me if I wore clothes that look feminine. Should I wear the girl clothe to school? (No, I'm not gay, but I might be transgender though, I act a lot like a girl sometimes)


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  • I agree with FatCatLady, you should wear them if you want. Realize that the majority of people will find it weird because thats just how society is unfortunately. Still you will find people who support you and won't care and they are really who you want as friends anyways. Also feel good knowing that you are helping pave the way for other people in this situation.


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  • First of all you should wear whatever you are happy and comfortable in - The administration of the school will probably be open minded about it as will I say most of the population of the school that is to say there will be a few who may have a reaction to it which could range from teasing to bullying. I think that is the only decision you have to make, are you willing to face some negativity from some?


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  • Do whatever you want. If someone says something stupid just shake it off and keep on doing your thing.

  • if he feels right i see why not and if he wants to become a women then i say go for it

  • well if you r not gay I don't think that's right, tbh you should stop and deal with boy clothes


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  • Yes. As long as school rules are being followed, I believe you should wear whatever you want. If there are policies in place that discriminate based on gender, I would write to the principal to change that unfair policy.

  • If you're willing to be discriminated or even bullied... it's not really appropriate tho, but there's no rule on how you should dress... so yea


    • Really? I'm so done with this joke. Your sexuality doesn't have anything to do with the way you dress or your personality. So please take your immature jokes elsewhere.

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    • @FatCatLady thanks for saying that😃

    • You're welcome!