I need shoes ASAP! HELP!

OK so I've been wearing converse since I was like 15 (20 now). I want to wear another type of footwear but don't know what.

I want something I can wear everyday. Boots are sexy but on special occasions. I want something I could go to school with, be around the house, go out with friends but something that's nice. And I always have trouble searching for the "right " shoe. Anyone have any ideas? Guys & Girls! Thanks.


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  • I usually where ballet flats still like the ones that aren't dance shoes, but the ones that I can just slip on and go out with.

    I usually wear boots because I live in cold weather.

    i like black ballet flats with a bow on them and its simple and goes well with anything I wear except for white. I usually wear dark colors so I coordinate it with what I'm wearing

  • What about a pair of cute flats? I know Macy's sells a lot of different kinds of flats, and they're pretty & stylish, but comfortable at the same time.

  • I love and live in my née length boots and my black flats I have every color tho ther good for anything parties chilling at friends being at home for school ready for anything there cute stylish comfy and everyone has them so ur sure to get some good compliments:)