Why does it seem like latino/hispanic women are not attracted to white men?

I love latino women (Mexican, Dominican, Brazilian, etc...), but have never really known how to approach them because they seem to always be with black/hispanic men only. Is it me, of are my observations and intuition correct...they just don't like white men? I wish some true latino/hispanic women would shed some light on this subject for me.


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  • Im Hispanic, and we don't only like Black/Hispanic men. We also like White men, but the ones I usually see seem like the think they're 'too good' or seem like they're only into White women, but idk. My current boyfriend is African American but I like White men too lol


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  • Most tend to stick to our own men, but I like white and east Asian men too 😍

  • This isn't true at all I'm a Puerto Rican/Mexican female and I am attracted to white guys but usually I see them with Asian or skinny white girls so I figure they don't really like Hispanic girls. It honestly doesn't matter to me personally what race the person is, but I for sure won't date Mexican guys too many bad experiences. Just gotta take a risk and ask one out and you may be surprised. Good luck


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  • oh man, I completely agree haha. there was this Colombian girl I went to high school with. besides the (positive) stereotype of being absolutely gorgeous- body, face, etc. she was cool to be in class with. looking back, she flirted a lot with me and "gave me the signs", but I was too shy and inexperienced to take advantage of it :(

    but yeah, sometimes I've seen that some Hispanic women are sort of hard to talk to

  • I think it's jumping the gun a little bit and drawing that conclusion, because while some latino women may only restrict themselves from dating the men you've described, it doesn't hold true for all latino women. It may just be confined to a few isolated areas-