Embarrassed about Stretch Marks

I have stretch marks problem is because of this I am unable to have sex without concentrated on my ''imperfection''. I don't missionary ( because you can't see much ) but anything else tends to freak me out and because of this I am NEVER relaxed. Do guys care at all when girls have stretch marks? Cellulite? Or anything else that may worry us? How do I just let go and maybe1 day let loose?


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  • I don't and for me a small imperfection like that would be completely irrelevant. I'm more looking at a womans personality anyway. Each of us has our own hangups about things. Maybe you can just have a straight conversation with your sexual partner and tell him/her that you feel very uncomfortable with it. Chances are they will tell you that they really aren't worried about it, but once the pink elephant in the room is acknowledged then it usually goes away. If it doesn't then the person really doesn't respect you for who you are and they should go away.


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  • Heya! I had stretch marks too and still do but I used to be so hung up on them id never let anyone see my legs and then I got this thing called bio oil and it made my stretch marks nearly invisible so if you can get bio oil you should because it works miracles I didn't think it would I thought it was just a load of bullshit but after a few weeks they faded so now I'm not as self conscious about them

    • Where do they sell it?

    • Were do you live? I live in Ireland and I get it in boots but try like chemists or something they do it too

  • Try Vit E. It works wonders, I had them really bad on my belly and under the legs I used this and now I have no more. Any kind of lotion should work though.

  • I wouldn't worry about it and if your partner really cares that much then you properly shouldn't be with him. Turn off the lights if you are that worried.