Are men intimidated by beautiful women?

Are men intimidated by beautiful women? Have you ever felt that a girl is way out of your league? Have you ever felt that here is no way in hell you could pursue a girl with such physical attributes?


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  • Actually, I admit I am somewhat intimidated by beautiful women, but I'm more intimidated by hot girls, since they're usually quite nasty people (ironic), and as stupid as it may seem, I'm still not always my best at dealing with rude nasty people. I'm not sure how to handle the situation all the time, and I'm not always in my element.

    Beautiful women can intimidate me, but not quite as much. I think it's because they're much more friendly, and it doesn't feel quite so nasty or personal if they shoot you down. You can hopefully still talk to them, and they won't freak out just because you asked them out once. Unfortunately, real WOMEN can be difficult to find.


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  • Yeah, I think most guys are. I used to be too, but I figured what's the big deal? What's the worse she can say "no" or "leave me alone"? I've been surprised more than once by girls that were relieved to just have a guy come up and want to talk and not be ogling her or making it apparent your trying to pick her up from the start. My opinion is why be scared? Its kind of silly.

    But then there are the kind of girls that know they are beautiful and have mastered the art of manipulating guys. THOSE girls are intimidating. I just ignore them. Without attention, they are powerless. Lol

  • Yes, I have.and in this most recent case, she's both beautiful and extremely smart.flirty.and we happen to have a lot in common though.Of course I was no honor student - I sorta had to struggle for my grades but wasn't the worst either. That does seem like we're hitting it off. It took a lot of determination to attempt to win her heart - We'll see what happens!

  • I'm usually intimidated by beautiful women, yes. And yes way way way out of my league. And yes I have felt that there is no way in hell I could pursue such a girl.

  • I am fo sho, I get all nervous and woked up! I don't even know why I get like that, I get so intimidated I go out of my way to avoid conversation! like if a smokin hot girl says hi I'm like good! wayyy too shy I guess, I don't think there outta my league tho

  • Yeah.

    • Some hot girls know who they can get, and guys realize that they might not be as equivalent to the guys she normally pursues.. so they are very intimidated based on the fact that they don't believe themselves to be as attractive as they actually are.

      girls can be very nasty, and the more a guy is turned down, the less they feel about themselves. I would imagine that anyone who grew up as an unattractive adolescent and turned into someone of exceptional physical attributes would take longer to re

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  • There have been studies done (sorry Psych classes showing here) that have shown that good looking guys will not hit on or talk to pretty girls. They go after the girls that are not as hot as themselves because it is an ego blow if the hot girl shoots them down. However if they go for a girl not as hot as them then they are almost positive they will not get shot down and therefore, retain their ego. Ugly guys or not so cute guys will hit on girls way hotter than themselves because they figure eventually one will say yes.

    There of course are exceptions to this. Some guys think really highly of themselves. Culture will also play a role.

    I have seen this happen.

    I don't know if this is the type of situation you were talking about.