What do I do about this new 'friend' of mine?

A couple weeks ago, I rode with a couple friends about 40 miles north to participate in a charity event, and stayed for some karaoke. Hung out with my two friends (a couple) and her cousin. The cousin and I got along extremely well all night long... we sang, we danced, etc. The last time I got along with someone this well the first time I met them, was the day I met my best friend (a female) for the last 10 years. Keeping in mind it had been just over 9 years since I've had sex, the thought hadn't even crossed my mind until the four of us got back to the cousin's house (we were all a little inebriated and decided staying the night was a good idea). It finally clicked what she had in store when there was one bed left and two of us. We started exploring, and ended up breaking my dry spell. When I talked to her a couple days later, she said it was great, and she wanted to hang out with me again... as friends. Said she could use a 'good' friend, but not looking for anything more, although she does want to hook up with me again... and again. I'm guessing she is just looking for a FWB or F-buddy, and am ok with this... I think. I'm assuming the FWB is a bad idea because I already have some feelings for her, but given my track record at being able to (not) get laid on a regular basis, I don't want to pass up the chance at it. Should I just get what I can, and try to keep any feelings out of it? I'm already a very sensual person by nature, and have a vibe that there could be something there down the road, once we're individually a little more stable. Is there a right answer here?


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  • I say go for it. You only live once. You haven't had sex for 9 years?! Even you need to get some lol. Sex is good for you. Go for it, and you sound like a nice guy. You won't break her heart... and who knows, she may want a relationship with you a little further down the road like you thought too :)


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  • give to gain, but is the risk worth it? ask your self that. Can you have sex with no feelings, or will you be huanted if it doesn't work out with the person

    • I honestly don't know if I can have sex with no feelings... guess there's one way to find out. I definitely want to hang out with her when there's less beer involved (at least at the beginning) to see how much of the chemistry was alcohol induced.