How can you tell where you fall on "Men's Dating Scale"?

How can you tell if you're attractive enough for a guy to consider you?

It seems like guys judge females for dating purposes by:

Best: hot enough to date

Next: decent enough to hook up with

Lower: sleep with her in private

Last: ignore and make fun of behind her back

Seriously, I've seen so many guys (even into their thirties) follow these categories. How can you tell which one you fall into?

and I have to admit, this is all slightly tongue-in-cheek ... I asked this on another board and got some pretty funny answers.


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  • Question is, why be so passive? You present yourself as prey to be caught, a prize to be won. Why go along with this silliness?


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  • first of all "guys" doesn't refer to the majority fo guys and if your just trying to hook up most guys don't want to become your boyfriend unless it is the last resort. I have never made fun of a girl behind her back about that at least. find new guys and get to know them any guy that goes by your little theroy is a complete ass. every body can get themselves a date if they make themselves avelable

  • It going to be different for many guys, and guys don't base their judgement on looks alone. I mean if you droped your nickers in front of them and you look half good they'll probabaly go you, but it won't mean they want you sticking around for long

  • guys don't make fun, regardless of how much they ain't attracted to them, they just say no and that's the end of it, they don't rub salt into the wound, seriously what guys are you hanging about with ?


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  • this is true, most guys do act like that