Would this outfit be weather appropriate?

I'd like to wear a skirt with over the knee socks and doc martins with a tank top and kinda thin knit cardigan to school. I don't normally wear things like this and it's going to be between 30 and 42 degrees Fahrenheit tomorrow. Is that a bad idea?


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  • Sounds cute, and if your school is decently warm then I don't see a problem with it. It wouldn't be the best outfit if your school is typically cold or if you're standing outside for any extended amount of time, though.

    • Thank you! Im only outside to walk from the car to the school and my school leans a little toward the hot side actually so I think it'll be good 😊


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  • I feel like the skirt would make your legs freeze regardless of the high socks. Unless you have some leggings to wear underneath, that may be a bit warmer. I would also bring a jacket just in case!

  • Wow you will freeze! That's a bad idea, you need more layers and warmer layers!