How much is too much?

OK I get into arguments daily with my mother over how much eye shadow I wear. But the thing is that's the only makeup I wear besides lip gloss sometimes. And she doesn't wear makeup really so I think she's bias lol. But anyways my question is how much is too much and do I wear too much?


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  • A face as pretty as your own doesn't need much help, if any. Your icon pic shows you to have to much eye makeup, which creates a heavy-lidded affect, and detracts from your considerable natural beauty. Listen to your mother on this one, and go easy on the embellishments. Why mess with perfection?

    • What would you say is a good amount?

    • I think the eyeliner looks good as it is, but I'd hope to see the shadow left to a mere shadow. Of course it's your face, but being as it's such a very good one, I couldn't resist chiming in. Much as if I saw an exceptionally striking painting hanging askew on a museum wall.

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  • it looks good in your profile pic, I don't think you wear too much makeup. too much makeup is like a face full of foundation if you don't have bad skin and it looks cakey. there is nothing wrong with eye shadow I think it adds a glam or funky look depending on how you apply it! maybe ur mom just prefers the natural bareface look


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  • seems like its workin 4 ye,


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