Would these go well with each other?

So, I've been looking into jeggings and outfit / clothes that go with them, and I've come across these two. I personally like them both, but would they go well with each other? I still need to get some shoes, but yea!

Before anyone oblivious or asks for asking sakes, these are women's jeggings, it'd be cross-dressing, I don't care, just let me know your opinions.
Would these go well with each other?


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  • No, not really. The baggy t-shirt would look weird with the painted on jeans.

    • What type of tee would you suggest?

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    • Because, in people who are not twigs, they show every lump and roll. And they feel like superglue.

    • Fair enough, thanks for the input! <3

  • Kinda plain, but if you wore it with an interesting jacket then it would look fine :)


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