Why do some people have to laugh at others?

Before I was wearing a Yankees cap, adidas pants, adidas superstars. And a guy said WESTCOAST to me and he started laughing. Now, question is, why would you go out of the way to jab at someone on their appearance? Like seriously. It got me thinking. We're free to do whatever we want so why would you laugh at someone else? It's like laughing at someone because they ordered Subway not KFC. Thoughts?


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  • Everyone is the usa in all the gyms and in the sports world wears the black adidas white stripe pants those have been around for ages and its strong today. I wear them myself and Its all over the USA its not just a west coast thing the person that laughed at it has no idea what he's talking about

    • I'm an American living in Australia. It's weird here. People care about what other people are doing.

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    • Thats what this user on gag is telling me right now in PM he use to live there

    • Yeah it's really bad. Not everyone is like that but heaps of peeps get jealous about your wealth and poke poke fun at you for nothing. Also they laugh at you if you dress right up and look good. Plus they copy us Americans bad. Thinking they're Kim Kardashian or Kanye. It's weird


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  • Intention is a hard thing to read. In a situation like that, it's possible that he was trying to engage you or make you laugh by saying something he meant to be transparently inappropriate or challenging. That happens a lot, in my experience. For this reason I normally assume that the person addressing me is intelligent and clever enough to mean what they're saying in a friendly and giving way, humorously, rather than assuming that they're being rude or trying to belittle me (which is how the majority of people interpret that kind of interaction automatically).

    But to answer your main question, some people are just assholes.

  • Because they get amusement at the cost of another person. Makes them feel big, but really they're just twats.

  • adidas pants suck tho.

    is that a west coast thing?

  • Don't let those people. get under your skin its pathetic really be the bigger man

    • I don't. I just ask why people do it. Like does it give them some boost or something to do it? It's really silly. I'm just asking for people's thoughts. Thanks though man.