Which is more uncomfortable: pushup bras, Spanx, girdles, bustiers, waist trainers, or butt padding? Which do you find most useless?

  • Pushup bras
    11% (1)22% (2)17% (3)Vote
  • Spanx
    33% (3)0% (0)17% (3)Vote
  • Girdles
    33% (3)11% (1)22% (4)Vote
  • Bustiers
    0% (0)0% (0)0% (0)Vote
  • Waist trainers
    23% (2)11% (1)17% (3)Vote
  • Butt padding
    0% (0)56% (5)27% (5)Vote
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The only one I tried was a bustier. That thing was very uncomfortable.

The most useless, I would say is all of them but even more so of the pushup bra and butt padding.


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  • Pushup bras are pretty comfortable. Bustiers can be comfortable if you wear the right size. Butt padding is the most useless, because it's very obvious it's fake and it seems shameful to me if someone realises you wear it.. And spanx and girdles are the most uncomfortable, because they put too much pressure on your body.

    • Thank you for the breakdown because I truly didn't know. I hate clothes that are tight and ill fitting. Pushup bras are comfortable? I would assume it would be very tedious. But than again I hate wearing bras.

  • waist trainers seems like the most logical answer...