Which of these do guys like better on girls?

I'm just curious, because I have been spending the night at my boyfriend's place just about every weekend lately. One time I brought over my black satin nightie (it has spaghetti straps and has a slit on each side, and it is just long enough to cover what needs to be covered), and when I changed into it, he couldn't stop staring at me and was feeling me up even more than he usually does and basically just couldn't keep his hands to himself at all. Then, this past Saturday, I wore a fairly large and slightly baggy T-shirt and my boy shorts underneath it, and he said that I looked sexy and cute and that me being dressed like that was distracting him. So, which look do you guys prefer?


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  • very hot. umm it really just kinda depends theyre both good for certain occasions. id say wear nighties for like more romantic type stuff and wear lingerie for more rough type stuff. maybe I dk

  • honestly it depends on my mood I guess..sometimes her in sexy lingerie or something like that will really turn me on but other times seeing her in one of my big tshirts and cute little shorts is also extremely sexy. I like them both :)


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