Guys with stretch marks?

Well, I'm a guy...with stretch marks. I'm 23 years old, 5 11 and I weigh 155. About 6 months ago I stated busting my ass to get into shape. I started eating healthy and working out like crazy. I lost about 20 pounds in two months. Along with the weight loss I gained quite a few stretch marks. I got them on my upper arms, front/back of my shoulders, biceps, hips thighs and my butt. I'm in great shape and health now, but I'm insecure because of the marks. I do a lot of things to treat it, like, vit e and cocoa butter, so I hope that helps. But I'm wondering if the marks are a huge turn off or if I'm obsessing over nothing?


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  • I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.

    You're in better health and that's what's important.

    If someone dislikes you because of your stretch marks, that person definitely wouldn't have been worth knowing.

    Congratulations on your accomplishment!

    : }


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  • I have stretch marks between my legs because I have a big ass and thighs... Yes I am a guy with a female figure but I only have an abundance of stretch marks because I am a little over weight

  • tons and tons of girls and guys have stretch marks for various reasons (even the people in porn heh)... it's really no big deal