The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show?

The Victoria's Secret fashion show 2015 airs tomorrow. How do you feel about this event? Is it wrong for VS to has a special televised event of women modeling their lingerie? What do you think about this? Will you watch it?
Personally I love the show, if anything it's good sexy entertainment. At least a little bit. This is the only fashion show I've ever seen but I watch and enjoy it annually. I wonder how women feel when watching this, do they enjoy it like us men do or do they find it disgusting and think it gives women a false definition of beautiful and sexy?
I definitely think there are some issues with the show, but I don't really mind. Sorry if that's wrong but I'm a guy and that's how we think.


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  • I love watching it because I want to become a VS model one day.


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  • I have zero feeling toward it, they don't do my size and it's all very over priced. I wouldn't enjoy the models as I find curvy women sexually appealing - not the more svelt and lean women.

  • That company is disgusting so I won't wamtch that shit

    • Also that is what you think. Not "us guys". You are an individual.

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    • My view is that it promotes eating disorders, poor body image and unhealthy views of femininity and sexuality. It brainwashes people.

    • Ok thank you for sharing.

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  • I never knew it existed - My initial response is totally neutral - I would be honestly more interested in what sports are being shown live tomorrow