Should I get a new hair stylist?

I got my hair highlighted 5months ago? Since then it's been breaking of like crazy. My hair stylist has been doing protein treatments. It's doing nothing for my hair. Plus a get a relaxer once a month. Should I go somewhere else? I bought unrefined coconut oil from health food store. I've used it. How can I salvage my hair. Someone told me it won't grow back. If o cut it

She gave me conditioning protein treatment. An trimmed dead ends. She told me I have to condition it daily. I've been using unrefined coconut oil from health food store. It feels tons better. I've it improves I'll stay. If it goes downhill I'll get new stylist in February. Fingers crossed.


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  • Yeah if you are unhappy with your stylist try a new one - You only have one head of hair and you should do whatever makes you happy to bring out the best in your hair.


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  • See im black or w. e as You can see but i also Know about both black and white hair.. so if You got highlights in yo hair and its breakin off one its because Your problem dying your hair to much 2 its damage what you need to do is cut it ah little bit where you hair can grow back cus it sounds like to me ur ends are damaged and yes they can grow back Hun dont worry and yess u shud get a new stylist


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  • Yes go to another one even if u pay more for it, it would be worth it


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