If a guy doesn't get looks when walking past a group of girls?

Does that necessarily mean he is unattractive/not handsome? Or could there be other reasons?


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  • Not all girls will notice a guy, even if he's very good looking, especially if they are caught up talking to one another or something. I know that I don't even really notice guys when I'm out with my friends or by myself. I just don't go looking around for them and usually just focus on going out to do what I need to do and that's it. So just because girls don't look at you when you walk past them, doesn't mean you are unattractive at all.

    • Thanks for the re-assurance. But then again, it could really be that I am ugly as dog ****. Who knows. :)


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  • Absolutely. Girls are not always looking for boys. We could be thinking or talking or texting or any combination.

    • Thank you. Sometimes I get a look and sometimes I get nothing....just a blank stare straight ahead as we pass each other, or a group of girls are talking and oblivious to their surroundings.

    • Unless you have a legitimate reason to believe that you are unattractive, it is very unlikely. Even the people who do not look like anything you'd ever be caught dead dating are attractive to someone.

  • I doubt it...most of the time I don't stare at attractivr guys when they walk by. I usually don't notive them or I'm busy talking so I would jusr be a little less hard on yourself


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