Guys wearing leggings or "meggings"?

I had never really had any urge to wear leggings until recently I saw a pair of fallout 4 style leggings (grouped as female apparel on the site) and told myself, "Damn, I'd love to buy those." Later on I tried on a pair of my friends swanky leggings and realized that there was no going back to shitty old sweats. So I began asking people why guys aren't socially allowed to wear this style of clothing and recieved much of the same response (I mainly asked women): it's gross having to see the guys package all "highlighted" and such. Then I thought to myself, "well isn't it also true in the reverse scenario?" Now I'm not saying every female owner of leggings wears their leggings to "show off what their mama gave them", however the vast majority that I've come across seems to fall into this category based on how I can see their genitals much of the time (not a perv, just have a high perception skill). So if women can show off what their mama gave them, why is there such harsh feedback for when men may want to show off what their dads gave them (or, you know, just to wear them because they're comfy af)? We all have genitals, and both are equally awkward situations when you happen to see someone wearing leggings with everything highlighted, but if you don't want to see it why look? I don't know it just seems sexist to me. (Meaning both men and women are putting down these men, not just women) Thanks for any responses and if anyone is offended by what I've written, please know that's not my intent.


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  • It's interesting. I think guys should wear leggings if they want to. They're super comfortable and can be worn very nicely (personally, I don't like them as pants, but to each their own).

    I think it's partly got to do with what the media generally promotes as attractive. Pretty much every part of a woman is shown off in magazines, movies, etc.. But for guys, the focus seems to be more on the torso than anything else. Plus, the outline of the penis is more noticeable, so it's a little more blatant, I think.

    • Exactly. Now likely I will purchase meggings instead since they are tailored for the male physique, so I hope that eliminates most of the detail on my package

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  • I am not a fan of leggings unless they have tops that come down a bit - So if men want to wear meggings I would be okay with it if they covered up the genital area.

    • Completely understandable. I recently found out that there are such things as "meggings" or leggings that are tailored to help cover up the male genitalia.


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  • Umm I think it's just that they are very, very feminine. If a guy wears them then they appear feminine, and most girls won't want to date a feminine man.

    • Even if I'm muscular and still have a masculine personality? I can understand an initial view of a guy wearing leggings as being feminine, but talk to me for a minute and you will see that I'm nothing of the sort. Do you think girls would still find me feminine even if if the only feminine quality I had was based on a style that society has gendered for us?

    • Well there is always the sexual attraction, I'm not judging you, but dressing feminine will be a huge turn off for girls. Yep, it's society that gendered you, but that's just the way it is. If you go out in leggings girls will be turned off because they are looking for masculinity.

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  • You're probably going to be mad fun of, being called "gay" and such. But hey- fuck what they think. If you can put up with this, enjoy your new pair of leggings dude :)

    • Yeah but me and my friends poke fun all the time, so I take it as a sign of love from them. As for randoms, I just ask why they care so much.