How perfect does a girl have to be?

There are girls out there that are absolute stunning, but something is wrong with their bodies eg one breast is smaller than the other but does that put guys off?

What about?...

If a girl has saggy breast?

If a girl is muscular ?

If a girl has stretch marks?

If a girl has quite a bit of hair on her body?

Or anything else you can think of :)


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  • The problem with today is- that so much is based off of just physical attraction. Look at some of our parents, or friends parents.. I am sure there are many situations of either- attractive wife or husband and overweight wife or husband.. Couples back then didn't seem to care. Love was really love. These days, everyone thinks people should look like they're from the Jersey Shore and what not. There is much more to a person than just appearance. I'm sure if one of your boobs isn't incredibly smaller than the other, that it would be a big deal. Boobs sag over time anyway with age and children, etc. Muscular girls can be gross, some can be hot. My ex was 5'2" 110lbs and had stretch marks.. she was Italian too and had the peach fuzz thing going on.. None of it bothered me because I loved her to pieces. Just be confident.


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  • Truly, the imperfections aren't what matter. The body isn't even what makes a girl shine to a guy. It's all about who the girl is to a guy and the qualities that stand out. All the small stuff are only gonna be turn on's.

  • For now the human race has decided to date and fall in love with real people. That's the most important thing, I'm always second guessing myself at this age, but that's where most of that comes from. But I am a little worried the way some people are eyeing those robots.


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  • If a guy truly likes a female, he wouldn't look at that kind of stuff. some guys want their girl to be good looking and skinny, but the majority of the male population just wants a girl to be themselves and be happy with them selves... "perfection" is not a true thing, nothing can ever be perfect. be your self and don't try to impress a guy, if a male is truly into you, he won't care. if he tells you that your not what he wanted even though he may be what you wanted, ditch him.