Am I wearing too much makeup?

I wear foundation, which looks natural, and mascara. Sometimes lip gloss. Do guys like any more makeup than that, is it too much, or just perfect?


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  • i think that's just right...or maybe just lipgloss but wearing make up can cause you to break out then you would have to wear more make up to cover up things...i would just make sure to keep a smooth clear face and wear lip gloss if you want..because there's no need for make up if you have great skin

    • Thanks. But the reason I wear foundation is because I DO break out along my tzone. It's so annoying! Believe me, I'm doing the best I can to eliminate it... If and when the acne clears up, I still have a problem because my cheeks tend to splotch up, so is there a product that will cover splotches without causing me to break out? Thanks all! :)

    • Ohh I see I have the same problem but it started after I started using make up...but okay and yep no prob


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  • If you find that your skin is completely covered by makeup and you look like an alien/cyborg. then you put on too much make up.

    When it rains and your make up runs off like melted carvel ice cream cake...HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM. BRING THIS FINE LADY A TOWEL...CAUSE SHE'S HAVING A BAD DAY.


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  • If you are under 18 I don't think you need foundation. I'm sure you're skin has a natural glow to it and make up could cause you to break out. How about you wear a fun shade of eyeshadow and lip gloss instead. Although I don't consider foundation a lot of make up, it could seem like it is because it covers your entire face.

  • i think you should wear what makes you feel the best. and then you'll feel the most confident and that's what guys really love.