Sticky residue on hair?

Okay, so for the past two days, I've been having this problem where I wash my hair, and after I get out of the shower and dry it, there is this sticky feeling around my part. At first I thought I hadn't rinsed enough, so I took another shower and made sure to rinse really well. The problem had not gone away. I tried using a different shampoo and conditioner, same problem. Today I ended up just putting on a headband to disguise the greasy look that was on my part and for now that's all I can do. Anyone know what's going on or have any suggestions?


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  • It's probably semen.


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  • In my experience, the stickiness was from hair products like hair spray, gel or mousse. Try a special shampoo by Neutrogena called "Clean." This is supposed to remove any build up from your hair and make it more manageable. Hopefully that will knock it out.