Am I considered attractive? I mean REALLY? Don't sugarcoat it!

I've had a good amount of relationships in the past. Some girls hot, some not-so-hot, some absolutely breathtaking, and some not-so-absolutely-breathtaking... You get my drift. And I've heard individually that I'm "Hot" or "cute" "handsome", whatever, yaddayaddayadda. But I don't know if girls look at me and think "He's good looking to some degree," or if it's one of those things where girls would tell me I'm an attractive guy because of the emotions they had for me at the time.

I guess I'm wondering if I'm good looking in a general sense, or just not good looking and those girls were just being nice, you know?


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  • i think your cute. what would make you hot is if your personality was good as well :) I wouldn't stop in my tracks if I ever saw you out but yes...definitely cute.

    • Thank you. Unbiased positive feedback was all I needed. I know I must've sounded like a bitch, but I just need some positive reenforcement once in awhile. And I just haven't been getting it. Again thanks. It was helpful.


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  • i honestly think that your are handsome and good-looking. they weren't being nice...they were being honest and givin you a complement.

    • Thank you. I just needed some unbiased positive feedback. Much obliged. I was feelin a bit insecure that's all. It happens. hehehe

  • You're a cutie and you seem to have style and a good sense of humor. To judge you as sexy, I would have to get to know you more. A man's personality is what makes him sexy. To me at least. Hope this helps!

    • Thanks. I does help. Unbiased feedback. Call me insecure these days. Just not feeling it from the girls I actually come into contact with, that's all. hehehe

    • Hey we all have those moments of insecurity. It'll pass and I'm sure that you're going to get a lot of messages from girls because of this post, so that should make you feel better Don't sweat it, your cute and sweet and some lucky girl will get ya, you're still young so enjoy life!!! Smile!

  • You’re aight.

    Maybe shave the hair on your face…


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