I've lost some of my individuality.

I've had my head shaved so I can join the navy, beforehand my hair was probably the most noticeable feature about me and something almost everyone commented on, since having had it cut, I don't feel quite as happy with my appearance. It seems that my noticeable feature is now my body, in particular my arms, which has downsides, as I don't want people to think I'm obsessed with my body and my weight, I only got in shape to get a great career! Will this sort of change affect my relationships or chances of getting into relationships? I know personality comes into it and always will, but appearance is a big thing when it comes to first impressions.


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  • individuality... you look like every other skinny emo kid out there, lol

    stop fishing for compliments and throw away your girl jeans too while you're at it

    • Emo? Ha I'm not that stereotypical, infact I don't listen any of the music connected to that stereotype and I might have similar style to kids like that, but in my town I'm the only person who wears the stuff. I'm not fishing for compliments, if I was I'd think of an easier way to word it.

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  • Nope, none of it. Carry yourself out like there's nothing wrong with you. Be yourself!

    And as long as you have your driven personality and outstanding attitude towards others (assuming), you'll be alright.

    Trust me.


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  • You didn't lose your individuality. None of it. The fact that you alter your appearance doesn't, and shouldn't discourage you so much. Will people like you less / more? No, not really, that's more in your head than anywhere else. I joined up, shaved, etc. people really actually respected me more for my choice but didn't start just treating me differently. I had big hair then too.