How many girls like to jog or run at a public park to look at the guys?

If girls like to jog at a public park or trail in a city where a lot of other people also congregate to run, do you also go there just to look at the guys running?

I run at a city park where a lot of girls also run. And I run because the scenery is unimaginable. Do girls have the same attitude about running in a city park as I do?

  • I jog or run in a public park
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  • I jog or run in my neighborhood
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  • I don't do any exercise
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  • I use a treadmill
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Most Helpful Girl

  • oftentimes girls exercise in public with intentions of getting fit. checking out guys is a side thing that may not even be an active conscious thought while they are doing their run. just like at clubs, girls who dress up extra nice at the park are looking for attention


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What Girls Said 4

  • Girls would do it to exercise and get looked at, not so much to look at guys.

  • I run on the track at my University but there are still cute guys. I go for my fitness, the hot men are just a plus!

  • I use a treadmill.

  • I go to Football games to see the guy's butts.

    I go to Basketball games to see their muscles.

    I go to Gymnastic tournaments to see their bulge.

    I go to Swimming competitions to blush at the water dripping off their abs.

    The only running I do - and now I ran out time.


What Guys Said 1

  • I think many girls have an unconscious lean towards running where there are guys. Sure they like to get fit and sure they don't mind looking at guys, but I think they do it more to be looked at!