Are most women more attracted to the guy who's just beyond arm's reach?

What really makes the difference to you,between a guy being just a friend or something more?Are most women more attracted to the guy who's just beyond arm's reach?I've found I've had better luck when I've shown a little interest,but then acted indifferent.Making her wonder if I'm interested at all.Call it playing hard to get if you want.I call it challenge.

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  • Just make things interested and make her want more through what you do with her. For instance, if she likes concert and your going to see Tech N9ne (her favorite band for some reason) next week, invite her along. People don't frequent to new events often, the more you are active within your relationship and having fun, the more she will want to be around.

    After being "fun" you have to establish a reason to date you as well. Hug on her / Hold her hand / Court her... You aren't her therapist but you CAN listen to her problems; You aren't her nice-guy friend but you could go shopping with her; You aren't obligated to talking with her on the phone but you do enjoy the time speaking with her; etc.

    Games are over rated.

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  • if you like her you should just tell her. playing games is fun initially but eventually they just get annoying. if you really want it to go somewhere then just tell her how you feel.


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  • Self control is way way more important than challenge in my opinion however they're both pretty similar to each other.