Should I say yes?

Hello. I'm 16. Height - 5 ft 0 inches, weight - 117 pounds. I'm a stereotypical psychology, art and science geek, who doesn't mind fashion and stylish clothing - i've never watched fashion TV shows and doesn't know anything about fashion industry or models.
... but today. On FB, I saw a message from a famous fashion agency manager - SHE INVITES ME TO HER AGENCY, SHE SAID SHE LIKED MY PHOTOES.

Like really... I'm soo scared ! :D I THINK I'M NOT THEIR TYPE - I'M NOT EVEN TALL OR SKINNY. Also, I don't want to become a model.
but please... can you give me an advice? What should i do?
I want to say "no" but I DON'T KNOW HOW.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Noone is really all enough for their job OP, If you wanna be scared and miss the opportunity just because you are scared of rejection say no but that'd be pretty dumb lol

  • Assuming you said famous she's legit yeah? I'd always make sure regardless

    • I saw her pictures on their site - it seems like they're professional and I've heard about their agency before

What Girls Said 1

  • Verify the company she works for. Call and make sure she is a real employee. Look up anything you can before accepting any offers. Be cautious. A lot of crazy people hurt young people under 18 using this as a cover. If none of what she is representing checks out don't accept the offer.