Are dark eyes and fair skin an ugly combination?

I read a document from Harvard that a higher contrast between the eyes and skin is considered feminine, and a lower contrast between the eyes and skin is considered feminine. So would a man with dark brown eyes but pale fair skin be considered unattractive because he has a high contrast between his eyes and skin tone?

Are dark eyes and fair skin ugly on men?

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Ooops! I mean a lower contrast between eyes and skin is considered masculine.


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  • Not at all. I don't even think about things like that. Fair skin and dark eyes can definitely be attractive, and it can also be unattractive. I don't know what you look like, so I can't say whether it's attractive or not. It's more about how all of your facial features go together and balance each other out. It's totally individual to each person, and to each person who sees it. However, I don't think that combination thing really matters because it all comes down to personal preference anyway.

    • "Fair skin and dark eyes can definitely be attractive" Mhm, as proven by the flushed face, and the tingly feeling you get downstairs whenever you look at Jeffery's pictures, right hon? Lmao Where have you been hiiiiding?I love your new picture! The hair...*drools*=P


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  • I like dark hair and dark eyes in contrast to lighter skin. It just seems very... mysterious. But that's me. :P

  • no because feminine features on guys can be attractive

  • It depends on the person. Just by telling us your eye and skin color, it's impossible to tell you the answer


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  • Nah brother
    plae skin and dark eyes look wonderful