What do you think of this silver ring?


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  • Trust when I tell you it's gonna arrive in the mail, and you'll be really disappointed when it
    a) looks nothing like that
    b) rusts
    c) falls apart

    Maybe invest a bit more for something you can wear more than twice...


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  • I'd say too bling bling

    • That's what I'm going for. It's to go on my left ring finger to symbolize love that I have with this guy. I'm temporarily wearing one now but that's the one until he officially proposes.

    • Figured as much. Loving the symbols :>

      For me it'd be A ring, with the shiny gem, but no bling bling around it. I think that's too much :p
      Everybody their 'style' m

    • Hahaha I just like things that shine!

      Yeah it's a long story but we aren't officially dating but he's more of a boyfriend than he is a friend. And soooo while I know the future hold something cause he's pretty serious about me telling his mom stuff and she telling me stuff and me being treated like family, while he's at college studying I am gonna wear this while he's 44 mins away. Hahahaha

What Girls Said 5

  • Well, it's pretty even if it's not my style, but from the reviews of the site, I wouldn't recommend buying it from aliexpress.

    • I already ordered :|
      Oops. Prob should have read the reviews first.

    • Yeah, most people have said that the site is a scam and when you do get the items you ordered, they're in really bad condition :/

    • Dang it... I really hope that I recieve it and it's in good condition thankfully the ring wasn't a lot of money.

      They sent me a tracking number through China post something another.

  • It looks nice.

  • It's a $2 ring. When it arrives, it will look like a $2 ring.

    I. e., it will look like the rings that variety stores keep near the register for $8-10. or that you might buy at a street fair for $5.

    Aliexpress is not a scam, but you are buying cheap goods, and you get what you pay for. Also, the shipping will take a long time (2-3 weeks).

    The biggest problem is that it will discolor very quickly. Like other cheap rings.

  • It's alright. Looks like any other really.

  • Um, not my style.