Girls, When you get measured for bras?

Do you have to take your bra off or what happens? I'm assuming you have to take your top off?
I've never been measured, and I doubt I wear the right size. If i have to take my bra off and just have my titties hanging out there, I'm not getting measured either. If it's just my top, that's not too bad I guess.


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  • I didn't have to take my bra off to get measured, it was all done while my bra (possibly shirt, don't really remember) were still on. I personally didn't see anything good that came from getting 'officially' measured. I think they put me at like... a 34 G or something. I'm wearing C/D cups and sometimes even those are way too big, depending on where in my cycle I am.


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  • You do not need to take your bra off, a women will just ask you to lift up your top a little, or just below your boobs, and she will wrap a tape measure around your waist/chest and see what measurement you are:)