FASHION Q: Jeans with Blue Blazer?

I am tall, 6'2 to 6'3" with blonde hair and deep blue eyes. What is the verdict on blue jeans and a blue blazer/sport coat or suit coat, and medium brown shoes with a brown belt (for contrast)?

Kinda like this:


But stronger blue in the nazy.


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  • I think it would look good... the only thing is the blue on blue... I don't know how that would look... Maybe a black jacket... oh no, you're wearing brown shoes and belt... well maybe brown... I guess it depends on the brown... brown like mud or brown with goldish tint to it...


    that looks good.

    for a casual/dressy style I also like this link but his shirt is a bit weird...

    Have fun, and whatever feels good, probably looks good. :)

    • What about the jeans? Kinda a faded retro look like in the link above.

      Here are the shoes:

    • What you've posted looks great... especially the first picture on your link... go for it! :)


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  • go for the black blazer, if you only have the blue, that sounds fine too.

    youre going to look great!

    • I only have money to get one. So I need to be able to use it possibly for dates, maybe for meetings. I am between navy blue and charcoal/dark grey.

  • Too much blue. Go for a green or light orange or yellow. Orange or yellow would make your eyes pop. Or you could go for a classy/casual look and just wear white or black. I think id like the white or black the best.

    • Oh BLAZER! oopsie! I was thinkin of like a button p shirt or something. a blazer's a jacket type thing right? ..oops, my bad. srry!

  • BLUE jeans and BLUE blazer soudns bad. but except for the colo of the blazer, it's perfect =)

    i love brown btw =) and jeans, sneakers and chemise is the hottest outfit ever

    • Kinda like this:

    • Yea! but if you leave away the blazer it looks even hotter =)

  • Well I don't know what to say.


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  • Don't get bogged down with trying to make your eyes "pop", unless you're doing a cover shoot for Gentlemen's Quarterly. The attire you suggest is a very good combination, If the occasion calls for something slightly more conservative, simply exchange the jeans for a pair of light tan Khaki pants. This combination looks especially good with a wine colored sport shirt (with no tee). Brown shoes and belt are mandatory.

    • Navy as opposed to Charcoal? Brown shoes as opposed to Black shoes?

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    • What do you think of these shoes?

      ? Cut and paste link.

    • Too formal for my taste. I usually wear a pair of brown loafers that are made of woven leather. They also have tassles which I would normally avoid, but they look good on these partiular shoes.