What do you do if are mad about your boyfriend or girlfriend?

When I am mad about my boy I can't it that day. I can't smile to people. I feels tired and not talk to any body.


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  • I've only become mad at him once so far, and I pretty much gave him the silent treatment, wouldn't look at him, didn't want him to touch me, and I almost burst into tears (I was trying to hold back. I don't know why I cry when I'm angry). I also had the urge to make him suffer and torment him, and I was cursing him in my mind, and I shut myself up in my room the entire time and could barely bring myself to go out or anything. It's pretty odd that my personality changes so much when I'm upset.


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  • No matter how tired you are or mad you are of your partner, make sure you always put on a front and pretend like you are ok and enjoying life. You don't want people to sympathize you or to pity you. You don't want people to feel uncomfortable. Worst, you don't want to have people get in your business. If you are upset/mad at your partner, don't go flaming your partner to others because it will make your partner look bad. If you respect your partner and care about your partner, you would want others to praise him and respect him.


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