When did all this start?

why and when did women start shaving and why didn't men do it at the same time?
Why can girls wear boys clothes and its OK but if a boy wears girls he's a fag and gets beat up?
Why don't guys wear makeup why do women.
I can do this all night you see where I'm going


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  • You should stop those thoughts from wandering, you're getting into perilous territory hear. I'd to pick up newspaper to read, "girl dies from thoughts wandering into cross dressing, shaving et al.

    Are you saying that fags get beat up? Bullies are people who fear a loathing of a characteristic in themselves about which they need to externalize it and put in on others, esp. w/ derogative terms like fags. Besides, some if us fags like to "take a licking and keep on ticking"


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  • Women started shaving when their wookie legs tore up their new nylons.
    Girls can wear boy cloths because of the womens lib movement, and they did so in protest, it became a style.
    Women wear make up because they are the ones who sit back and let men come to them. Its like baiting a trap.

    And all your questions revolve around gender roles.

    Research it up.

  • If your parents promised you that life would be fair and balanced, they did you a tremendous disservice.

  • I don't know about the shaving, but I do like to see a hairy pussy from time to time. The hair feels nice against my face and lips. I really do like shaven, but I get nostalgic for the way girls' look from the 70s. I now shave my pubic area to make it easier for girls giving me a BJ. I also like the way it fills when I rub it.

    I can't answer the rest, but I think it's sad that some guys can't look they way they want without getting flack for it. The world should be a place any one can be free to look as they want. They are not hurting anyone and they make the world a more interesting looking place.

  • You can do it all night huh? LMAO


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  • Couldn't agree more. If a guy wants to wear make-up of feminine attire, I don't see any problem, at all.