Why did you get your nose pierced?

Whenever I see someone with their nose pierced I wonder why. It seems so unwieldy and that it would be annoying to have to deal with all the time (especially when you have a cold or flu, or when you sneeze).

I am curious to hear the various reasons behind such a choice, whether that reason might be religious, "in the world's face", "everyone else is doing it, so...", or something else entirely.


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  • People do it simply because everyone else is doing it, and they want to look and feel trendy. It's not as though it's even remotely attractive. Whenever I notice someone with a pierced probiscus, I at first think something is wrong with it (perhaps a stray bit of food, or an errant booger). And then when I finally realize what the problem is, I can't for the life of me understand why they have intentionally poked a hole in their sniffer and plugged it with a foreign object. It most reminds me of the annual migration of lemmings to the sea.


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  • I got my nose done because I've always liked the idea. I like the idea of piercings, tattoo's ect and that's my image. I like it, I don't regret it, I did it simply because of the vanity factor which is shallow but I reckon that's why most people do it.

  • I've always liked how it looked and I like piercings (nothing too crazy, though), so I got one when I turned 18. I don't have a problem with piercing needles and I was old enough, so nothing was stopping me from getting it. I like the way it looks on my face and sure, I may take it out someday, but for now it's a part of me and it's cute :)

  • I love my nose peircing!

    Its this tiny little diamond.

    Looks beautiful, especailly in some cultures, like Indian cultures, the nose peircings they wear are stunning!

    I didn't get it done becuase it was "trendy" I got it because I liked them and how they looked.

    Some people look really good with them, and others dont.

    I only wear tiny studs.

    Nothing like bull rings or anything.

    that is way too far.

  • I got mine done because I find it beautiful. You can look at traditional indian piercings, that's where I got my inspiration to get mine done.

    It really isn't that big of a deal for me, and people over exaggerate what happens when you have a cold or when you sneeze.

    I didn't do it because it's trendy, I did it because of the backround and I think it enhances the over-all look of my face.