Do you even like it when girls wear a lot of makeup?

do you like a little,

a lot,

or none on girls?


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  • I like when my best friend doesn't wear make-up at all. She has her own beauty, and she is gorgeous. However, one time we were out together (just being friends) and she had the mascara, the stuff on the eye lid. Just a little bit, it was a little sparkly and a natural color that blended into her skin.

    This just drew attention to her eyes and I couldn't help but stare into her eyes. Very very attractive, seductive, and just plain hot. I never looked at her that way before, always in love, but never completely lost in her eyes.


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  • i honestly don't like much make up on girls at all, if they do wear make up I think less is more, the closer the make up looks to your natural self, the hotter it is. it kind of hides her natural beauty to an extent to something which isn't her. id rather be looking at the same girl who didn't have one look with make up and another look without.

  • Just a little, too much is a turn off, and if you can pull off not wearing any that's even better


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