Guys, Which hairstyle do you like best for a girl?

Hi, so I want to get a change.. I've been wearing my hair the same way for like 5 years, my hair looks something like this it is plain brunette and middle length. But lately I've been feeling like a need a change, I want to look different. So I was thinking of getting my hair done like this:

Getting it dyed like the last photo, the one with the girl on the black shirt (a little bit over the shoulder and a little lighter on the ends but not too drastic)

Getting it cut like photo number 5. (The blonde girl)

I will decide to dye it and/or cut it for myself, I'm not doing it just to get attention from guys. I just want to know what do you think looks prettier on a girl (I'm 20)
Do you like the lighter ends? The length? What do you think overall? I've heard guys don't like short hair


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  • It really depends on your face and body. I think, in general, long hair suits most women since it's typically associated with a feminine quality, so I think it's the safer bet.

    Short hair tends to kind of lack the feminine quality we've been raised to love, but there are women who look gorgeous with short hair. Usually I think it's because they have so many feminine qualities to them, like long, slender neck, slim shoulders, narrow face, delicate hands, etc., like a lot of the girls on here who look beautiful with short hair.

    Mostly hairstyle isn't something you can just choose generically independent of considering the context (face, neck, jaw contour, etc). One hairstyle that looks amazing on one girl might look like a mismatch on another.

    In general that's true of fashion and features. Some girls look great in one dress, some don't. Some look great wearing a particular color, some don't. It's not one-size-fits-all, so I really think you should look at it as a question of what really suits you best.


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  • I like shoulder length if you gonna get cut. It looks cute.

  • All of them

  • I personally like girls long hair better, but all these short hair styles look good too