How do you judge a person by looks or personality?


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  • Well, for me, I can tell everything important about a person at first glance. There is no need to judge people -- if you cannot accept their being as a fact, as not negotiable, then you do yourself a pretty dire disservice. Reality is reality.


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  • Both is the obvious answer but, that's not always the case. People are judged by their looks all day/night long on the streets, in schools, bars, etc. It's not until you meet that person that you get a chance to judge that individuals personality. Law enforcement judges by looks on a daily basis in order to combat crime/terrorism, et al. Most people make a snap judgment on looks, then we decide to proceed and and meet them to learn more.

    For me, I think a personality has a whole lot more merit in life than looks.

    Hope this helped.

    • M well I'm just saying I would judge by Personality cause judging by looks won't really get you any where in life.

  • both

    • Why would you judge by looks?

    • Il judge what ever way I like. I said both and any one says they go all for personality is a liar . mostly personality yes but not all.

    • Not true I am not a liar because I judge by personality. Judging by looks won't get you anywhere in life if that's all you judge by that's all I'm saying. idc that you judge by both but looks shouldnt matter.

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  • personality definitely.