Hairstyle suggestions? what do guys think looks good, and girls too!

Hey everybody, so I have absolutely NO idea how to style my hair for school or the weekends or whatever, other than just straightening it and that damages it, A LOT. My hair is kind of wavy, but more of the poufy wavy, and a bit longer than shoulder length. It is medium kind of chestnut-y brown, and I recently thinned it out, and I got a TON of complements today at school when it was straightened. (: it has layers in it, and my default is me, so yeah. please tell me any styles that y'all find cute! both guys and girls, just so I have many kinds of styles.


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  • i always think a girls natural hair type is usually her prettiest. the ocassional curling or straightening is ok, but definately not on a daily basis. it just does more bad than good to your hair and will ruin it in the long run. and plus, I'd kill for wavy hair. : ) maybe some leave in conditioner or frizz control would help with the poofyness, if you don't like that. it's all personal taste though, I guess.

  • Mix it up. Do a french braid sideways down your hairline. Do a front hair poof. Do a bun. Messy, on the side, on the top of your head. Make it big or tight. Add a interesting headband or clip. Something really interesting is using a scarf as a headband and weaving the rest of the scarf into the braid. You could do a french twist.Have a ponytail, low and to the side.