Which one should I do?

I know, like this would change life or something...
But yeah. Which one should I do?Or

P. S.: I know that I don't have the best painting skills. 😂

  • Green ombre with brown hair
    50% (11)29% (7)39% (18)Vote
  • Purple ombre with black hair
    50% (11)71% (17)61% (28)Vote
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  • I don't think it's even considered an Ombre when it's that far down. That's more just getting your tips dyed, lol.

    But the teal goes better with your complexion, and I suggest you ask them to balayage it into an ombre so it's more natural looking.



    But its your hair, do what you want. I just personally think a combined balayage with an ombre looks better than a straight up ombre.

    • I'm no master at painting as I have stated above, but thanks. ☺

    • Yes, I know, but I figured you would've at least badly painted to the point where an ombre is supposed to be. So I was just letting you know yours is more just the level of getting your ends dip-dyed.

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