Girls, How do I treat my damaged, fine hair better?

Ok I know I could just Google and I have - but I want to hear about your experiences. I've got bleached hightlights and I just realized that I might shed more than I should and that some of my hair is broken. I really want to treat my hair like my first Born baby now but I'm addicted to curling my hair because it's so fine and that's the only thing that gives it some texture and volume. Which hair styles can you make for fine hair? And how do I treat it the right way?


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  • Protein masks, they help immensly! They moisturize and help strengthen your hair. You can get them at walmart, or at any beauty store.

    You can also try to use foam pillow rollers to curl hair. I do this all the time. My hair isn't the healthiest, but it's winter and a very dry one where I am. But no heat curls are going to be your best friend! I bought some pillow rollers at a drugstore for 6 bucks. I put them in when my hair is damp, almost dry, and I use a setting lotion (I got it at Sally's beauty supply). Then I rolled my hair up in the rollers. And I sleep with them.

    People always ask me if my hair is naturally curly, because that's how good they turn out! Here's what they look like:

    Also, try not to wash your hair everyday if you can. Try to skip a day here and there. Allow your hair to build up natural oils, washing will dry it out even more. It will also make the colour last longer!

    • Thanks for the reply! I'll definitely try this. So he curls last? My hair always turn flat but I haven't tried with a setting lotion before

    • The curls last in my hair for a couple days at least, but definitely all day. Now my hair holds curls well, but setting your hair like this when wet will make curls last longer anyway so it's worth a shot!

      Also, there is another trick you can try, it's using a headband (or two, depends on how thick your hair is). You basically just take strands and wrap it around the headband while it's on your head. In the morning take it out and you will have wavy curls.

      Here's a video showing how to do it. I've done this many times and I love how my hair turns out!


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  • Try using a Coconut oil mask. All you need to do is melt down some coconut oil and apply to your hair. I leave it on my hair for around 12 hours. It leaves my hair looking and feeling fresh. Also, if you are using heat to style your hair, use a thermal protectant.

  • Oooolalove. mymonat. com
    Monat is AMAZING. My mom has the thinnest hair and now her hair has volume. If you'd like more information let me knoe and I can give you my email!

  • Cut off the dead ends, don't wash and do your hair so often. If you're one of those people that wash your hair everyday remember to replenish it with oil or leave your conditioner in it. Use rollers don't curl your hair everyday.

  • Try Wen by Chaz Dean. It's pretty amazing.