Are you attracted to women that are similar to your mom?

I like a guy who is really close with his mom. I know this sounds weird but it seems like in the past he has liked girls with similar qualities to his mom. Even physical qualities. I don't think I'm like his mom at all. I've heard that some men are attracted to women like their mothers. Is this true for anyone? Why?


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  • Yes inconsciously men do like women that are like their mother. Most men liked a way or 2 on how their mother treatted them, they want it in their gf. My 1st girlfriend was soo much like my mother it was almost to the point where it was ridiculous. I didn't even think about either until after we've dated for a few months either. It doesn't nescessarily mean that my girlfriend looked like my mother when she was a teenager, its just the way they thought and veiwed things. So yes, a lot of guys do date women that are like their mothers in some ways

  • I love my mom, but their is no way I could have a relationship other then mother-son with a woman like her. My taste in women is so far from her its like night and day.


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