Girls, Should guys wax their body hair?

Do you find waxed smooth male body to be appealing and attractive?

( waxed all over including the legs and arms)


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  • It's their body, if they want to wax it then go ahead.

    • Sure, but as a girl your views in it?

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    • I am fineeee, sadly can't PM you , so chatting here :p

    • No problem! :)


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  • In a word, no.

    • Why? All male actors do and all real life women do it as well

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    • O well I meant all real life women are almost as smooth as waxed men look, so its clear men feel pressurised to wax it all off esp if they naturally have a lot of hair to look compatible with bare female skin

    • And directors want it waxed because? Because it's nicer!

  • some should lol!

    • Those some whi are near you and wanna date you? ;)

  • I personally like body hair, not a fan of the smooth waxed look on guys.

    • But waxed smooth is better much much better than being very hairy esp on upper body?

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    • :) cool.
      Am pleased to hear this from a young pretty girl :)
      Just more curious, what if it's a lot of hair thick coarse hair, then?

    • Is LOT of hair appealing and manly?

  • No. I actually find that unattractive

    • Just out of curiosity, may I ask why so?
      All models actors actually do it.

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    • So, having some hair on legs/thighs/arms is expected? It's OK to wax upper body if it's very hairy?

    • Well I do like some chest hair too, but not too much. It's up to him what he wants to do though.