When girls don't look directly at you, but look in your direction?

What does this mean? Obviously, it could mean she is looking at something in your direction. But can it also be her sly way of checking you out?

You know, her eyes aren't directly looking at you, but close enough...

This happens A LOT to me, especially with random girls. But when I look at what they appear to be looking at, there is nothing there that you would think they'd look at...?


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  • I tend to stare in that direction of a cutie but I'm kind of shy so when I'm busted I quickly turn back around


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  • well if I'm looking at a guy I'm interested in or think is cute, I look directly at him not pass him! and when we make eye contact then I look away. so if you're not making eye contact with any of these girls that seem to be lookin in your direction then their probably just spaced out.

  • Yes. Keep in mind she could be spacing or thinking hard about something but I know I tend to look in my crushs direction so if he looks at me I'd know and then take it from there. That way I can watch him without looking like I am


What Guys Said 1

  • could mean absolutely nothing, could mean she's checking you out. your gonna have to make a judgement call. maybe go up to her and ask her name? ask if she knows yours? if you've never talked and she knows your name, maybe she knows a little about you and is interested.

    • I do agree that it's your call since none of us were there, but I guess I'll be the devil on your other shoulder. It seems like you may be over-analyzing or attempting to perceive it too optimistically out of hope. There may very well have been some other guy, a bird, a poster, or just plain day dreaming. So I say cut all of us out, and if you're into her go talk to her.